Will Hawk Beats


Will Hawk Beats is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist. Will began as an Instagram personality, and is beginning to expand his business. I was hired to develop a logo that would represent his new business.


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Will requested that I use a hawk in the logo to play of his business’ name so I started exploring concepts for a hawk. The first two hawk concepts used a full hawk. One geometric and the other curved and based off of golden circles. In order to simplify things, I did a third concept that was only the head of the hawk. To incorporate music and beats into the logo, I drew headphones onto the hawk head, and a simple beat symbol on the headphones.

As you can see below, I used golden circles to create the third concept. This concept became the final logo.

Logo Concept Sketch
Concept Sketch
With Golden Circles
Golden Circles on Concept Sketch
Concept Outline
Final Concept Outline



In addition, I created a font for ‘beats’ that I thought spoke to the 90’s hip-hop feel that Will was going for. This font was also based primarily on circles and so blends well with the logo.

Logo Text
Will Hawk Beats Logo Text



For colors, Will said that when he listens to his music, he sees navy blue. I considered several shades of blue, and went with the current one because it gives the logo a ‘cool’ feel, similar to the feeling you get listening to his music. The headphones are in red to throw back to colorful styles of the 90’s, and as if to say ‘yes I’m cool and chill, but I can still be in your face.’

Final Logo