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Lawen is a new massage business with a goal of creating a holistic healing experience that encompasses the body, mind and soul. I worked with Kena, the owner, to begin developing the visual aspects of brand identity. During this project I designed the logo and a website. Being located in Telluride, Colorado meant connecting her brand with the outdoorsy and active community there as well as to Kena’s Chilean heritage. In fact, that is where the word Lawen comes from. It means ‘medicine’ in Mapuche, a Chilean people group.


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At the beginning of the project I was presented with a rough sketch for a logo that incorporated many different ideas. After hearing her thoughts and seeing the sketch, I thought it best to determine a central theme or idea, and center the logo around that. Given that Kena was open to ideas, I asked more questions and bounced ideas off of her. After going through several initial concepts that were closely tied with the Mapuche people, it became clear to me that the logo should tie more closely to the idea behind Lawen (medicine). If massage is the medicine for the body, mind, and soul, then the logo should represent that. In a sense, the ‘Lawen’ is the thing that ties the body, mind, and soul together. Kena liked this idea and said that I had nailed the idea.

After that I began to explore how to present this idea visually. So how can a logo represent the idea of the mind, body, and soul with the medicine of massage being the thing that ties them together and brings unity?

I wanted to design something that fit with the form of the word ‘Lawen’ but not too literally. This was done by taking the right angle of the ‘L’ and using it to represent the three elements: mind, body, and soul. I also intersected them with a line to represent how massage affects all three and that all of the elements are tied to one another. Ultimately Kena chose the first concept as seen below.

Logo Concept 1
Lawen Logo Concept 1
Logo Concept 2
Lawen Logo Concept 2



After developing the form was the matter of styling it to fit her brand’s feel. She wanted an earthy or organic feel and earth tones for color. Part of the reason is that she feels connected to her Chilean past and wanted to have that carried into her brand identity. The colors I chose and line styles are to tie in with that identity.

Final Logo
Lawen Logo Concept 1
Lawen Logo Concept 1
Color Set
Lawen Logo Concept 2



There were several requirements for the website: Communicate what her business is, show off credentials and show services, display some for-sale items, a blog, and of course incorporate branding. In addition, she wanted the ability to edit certain aspects of the site without the need to hire a web developer every time.

Given that she wanted to edit the site herself, WordPress seemed to be the best option. The layout was built on the Divi Theme, but includes a significant amount of customization including custom CSS.

For simplicity’s-sake, we went with an almost single-page design. All of the main content of the site is on one page, but the blog, store, and additional information on services are on their own pages. The photos used on the site were taken by a photographer that was hired by Kena.

Mobile View
Desktop View
Main Site Page
Full Lawen Site
Services Page
Services Page