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A digital marketing agency that’s passionate about unleashing the potential of businesses and individuals.


Leftfoot Design was started out of a passion for good design and quality advertising. The desire is to provide services that grow businesses, and to make those available from one location. This makes all of our lives easier and frees us up to do what we need to do. What we do is get excited about unleashing the potential of businesses and individuals through digital marketing. Specialties are in web design, graphic design and online advertising. We seek to build quality, mobile-friendly websites using the latest techniques. Graphics are designed to represent you well to your customers, and online advertising helps send customers to you so you can be found. I hope you choose Leftfoot Design.

Why Leftfoot Design?

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Journey On

The name ‘Leftfoot Design’ came from a love for the outdoors and a desire to be unique in the world. Design and advertising is a process, or journey, that is improved upon over time. As on a journey, we advance toward our business goals through better marketing and design.

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Let's Be Different

A left foot is often thought of as different, and in marketing that can be a good thing. Let’s try to make design, and brands that stand out in their journey toward success.

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Where'd You Go?

You can know the direction a person is going by looking at footprints on the ground. Likewise, good marketing and design gives direction so that customers can follow, and so businesses don’t lose them on the way.


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Jesse Ward

Passionate about travel, food, a good beer and great music. He's also an avid backpacker with a love for the outdoors. He started Leftfoot Design in 2017 because he wanted to create something that would produce great things in order to help businesses be their best.

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